In November 2019 AT Kearney, a global management consulting firm, visited Victoria Falls for a corporate retreat with a difference. On their itinerary was a an extremely important community project they supported as part of their visit to Victoria Falls. The project included the below:

• The borehole at Chisuma Primary was converted to Solar.  This had a positive impact as the electrical load shedding and the significant increase in electricity tariffs that have negatively affected the water supply to the school and to the wider community who utilise this water source.  We were very excited that AT Kearney chose to do this as the solar borehole conversion will have long term positive impact and makes the sustainability of their nutrition gardens viable.

• School bags with basic education resources for three of the pre-schools Greenline Africa works with, namely Chisuma, Jembwe and Dibutibu Pre-school.  The bags will be sewn by the local Themba Tree ladies group that GA is working with.  This makes it more personal and provides income for these ladies.  (Total no of bags: 148)

• The packing of end of year party packs for the above three pre-schools.

• 10 trees were planted at Chisuma Primary / pre-school, Jembwe and Dibutibu Pre-school.

We thank AT Kearney and Greenline Africa Trust for their collaboration and contribution to the local community development project in Victoria Falls.